The Student Refugee Program, supported by WUSC, is a program that brings students from around the world to Canadian college and university campuses to be resettled and work towards a post-secondary degree. At UBC, we bring eight students a year to our campus to be resettled in Canada ….


The UBC Local Committee is made up of a number of domestic, international and SRP students who support both the student refugee program and education surrounding refugee issues on campus. Students can be involved as general members or take on a position, listed below.


We are so fortunate to have faculty support, including our faculty advisor Glen Peterson. We also have a large alumni network of successful former refugee graduate students.

Check back for more information about our faculty partners and alumni network.

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Deir Canada Show

Deir Canada show: Ahmad and Ely, two new SRP students, have started a new podcast show on sound cloud. The show is done in both Arabic and English languages, where they discuss cultural, social, political and different topics in each episode both seriously and sarcastically. Here is the link to their page and their first […]

Student Refugees Arrive Next September

By Laurence Watt – News Editor, Last year, the Students’ Union ran a referendum to collect a levy to sponsor Student Refugee transfers to our campus. 73.7% of students who voted in the election, voted in favour of adopt-ing the Student Refugee Program (SRP). Though the referendum was held in the wake of the Syrian refugee […]