Yes, elections. The time you – the members – have all been waiting for. That time when you could take the lead and make the change you always wanted to! WUSC-UBC is holding its annual election on 2nd April 2015 and it will be taking place in Henry Angus, room 437 at 5pm . (map).  Still undecided but would like to drop an application? Good news! The deadline to submit your intents has been extended to April 1st 2015 at 11:59pm if you would like to work with a unique and powerful network of Canada wide post-secondary institutions, private-sector partners, the government and international volunteers to provide education and empowerment opportunities to disadvantaged youth around the world. Submit your application to and copy it to

By involving with WUSC, you will gain a wealth of knowledge and experience in international development by:

  • Promoting and participating in unique overseas learning opportunities in developing countries.
  • Participating in WUSC regional meetings, national leadership training, and Annual International Forum.
  • Working with UBC’s admissions office, Housing Hospitality Service, and other faculty staff in sponsoring students to pursue their studies at UBC.
  • Educating and advocating for social change through activities and events while reaching out the entire UBC community and beyond.

The positions available include:

President                                                                                                Vice Chair
SRP Coordinator                                                                                  SRP Student support Coordinators (2 positions)
VP Finance                                                                                             Marketing and Webmasters (2 positions)
Symposium Coordinators (2 positions)                                        Global Lounge Officer
Events Coordinator                                                                            Community Liaison                               Photographer