Marketing and Website Coordinators (2 positions)

The marketing coordinator is in-charge of all the promotions and advertising that is done during the year while webmaster is responsible maintaining and updating the WUSC UBC Website.



  • Managing the club events on the UBC events event calendar on (incl. registering the club, posting all events on the site with catchy phrasing and a good image and pushing to add the club’s events as one of the features of the week or a critic’s choice)
  • Regularly checking and updating the Facebook group (incl. sending messages to the members, recruiting members, posting events and club updates, posting links to WUSC-related items, uploading photos, starting group discussions and managing the administrators)
  • Ensuring that the club and/or its events have a visible presence on campus
  • Sending out weekly/biweekly newsletter
  • Managing the email account (incl. sending informative emails to members and the mailing list when necessary)
  • Updating and managing the mailing list
  • Sits on the Symposium committee and helps organize the symposium and promote the symposium
  • In charge of creating all posters that are used for event promotion during the year
  • Regularly checking and updating the club website (incl. adding photos and new information to the site and reminding the VP Finance about payment for the website)
  • Sending a copy of the WUSC UBC e-newsletter to mailing list each month or as needed.
  • Writing a short monthly report on personal goals, activities, tasks completed and/or suggestions, for the month (To be compiled at the end of the year for future committees).