SRP Student support Coordinators (2 positions)

The Student Support Coordinators work directly with SRP students and they are responsible to regularly check with them and report to the LC accordingly. Both SRP Coordinators liaise and report to the SRP Coordinator.



  • Ensuring students are well supported
  • Doing regular check-ins with the students
  • Planning out the orientation week for the students and liaising with the I. House, Housing, Faculty Advisors, and Peer Programs to provide workshops and support for students
  • Being a resource for all SRP students
  • Compiling and scheduling workshops (and other student support events) for students to attend (for example, career building workshops at CSI&C)
  • Making a comprehensive monthly plan on how to support student needs
  • Taking students to resources on campus, such as but not limited to: Chapman Learning Commons, AMS Tutoring, CSIC, and etc.
  • Liaising with Peter Wanyenya on a regular basis to receive appropriate training and updates on new services available for students and to provide him with regular updates
  • One of SRP Student Supporters will sit on the Symposium Committee to have SRP input in the symposium planning.
  • Writing a short monthly report on personal goals, activities, tasks completed and/or suggestions, for the month (To be compiled at the end of the year for future committees).