Student Refugee Program (SRP) Coordinator

The SRP Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the coordination of activities which help the SRP students – past and present – to settle into life in their new environment and integrate into WUSC affairs especially in the local committee. This includes monitoring and directing the duties of both the SRP Students Supporter Coordinators, acting as the local committee representative for the WUSC Advisory Committee and maintaining correspondence with WUSC Ottawa through the Campus Engagement Liaison Officer.



  • Being a dedicated, reliable and well-informed representative of the club both on and off-campus
  • In charge of SRP Portion with the club
  • Coordinating the local committee activities for the selection, arrival and welcoming of the new SRP students
  • Monitoring the use of the funds in the Refugee Reserve account and administering the necessary checks (incl. for housing, meals and tuition)
  • Regularly contacting and following up with the SRP students to ensure their smooth transition into the new environment (this includes noting any living, academic and social concerns they may have and referring them to the appropriate resources for assistance)
  • Monitoring and directing the duties of both the Student Support coordinators
  • Maintaining correspondence with WUSC Ottawa through the Regional Liaison Officer
  • Working with the Community Liaison to spearhead the fostering of relationships with local settlement agencies (incl. educating the club on the services available to SRP students and relaying this information to SRP students when necessary)
  • Coordinating the creation of a virtual space for resources and communication modeled off of the SRP students’ own diasporic online networks (incl. posting up resource links on pre-departure, orientation, academic and professional materials; creating an online discussion forum to enable future sponsored students to maintain transitional links with the local committee)
  • Planning out orientation week for the SRP Students with the 2 student supporter coordinators and with the SRP Community Liaison
  • Regularly updating the club president and faculty advisors (Peter Wanyenya, and Prof. Glen Peterson) about all developments and working closely with them to ensure smooth functioning of the program and all duties
  • Creating new work-study positions for the students and ensuring that all SRP students receive adequate support throughout the year
  • Regularly checking with the SRP Student Support Coordinators on anything regarding SRP students’ needs and support – very important!