Vice President

The vice President is the person in charge of the club in the absence or retirement of the president. He/she will work hand-in-hand with the president to ensure the annual organization goals are achieved.


  • Being a dedicated, reliable and well-informed representative of the club
  • Directly in-charge of the campus engagement portion
  • Plans out campus engagement events with the events coordinator and member base
  • Leads the weekly members meeting and in-charge of minute taking.
  • Liaises with the Events coordinator to provide support, advice, suggestions and direction on what events to run
  • Helps brainstorm ideas with the Events Coordinator and members for events to plan
  • In-charge of all the internal emailing regarding events awareness
  • Reports to the President on agreed basis
  • Ensures there is a clear communication with the SRP Coordinator to ensure the attendance of SRP students at the events and to have the SRP inputs in the events.
  • In case there is no/lack of member base, works with the Events Coordinator on a ‘ground-level’ to put on events