VP Finance

The VP Finance is responsible for overseeing fundraising strategies, advertising revenue and finances surrounding all of the club’s goods and events.


  • Being a dedicated, reliable and well-informed representative of the club both on and off-campus
  • Representing the club for AMS room bookings
  • Contacting resource groups and donors on campus to fund club events and to gather more funding for the club
  • Creating a suitable budget for club expenses and revenues (incl. creating allowance for a suitable closing balance for the upcoming executive team to begin with)
  • Ensuring that the club expenses stay within the budget (incl. frequently reviewing the trial balance and helping to make cost-effective decisions for the club’s events, activities and fundraising)
  • Regularly informing executive members of the club account’s trial balance and any account-related issues
  • Reimbursing members for purchases made for the club
  • Ensuring that the club maintains good standing with the AMS SAC Financial Commission.
  • Writes a short monthly report on personal goals, activities, tasks completed and/or suggestions, for the month (To be compiled at the end of the year for future committees).