WUSC UBC Members 2017 / 2018



Akuechbeny Kuol


I am a WUSC Scholar at UBC. I worked for WUSC in Kenya for two years alongside my teaching job in Secondary School. I conducted different surveys and used the data to analyzed challenges facing girls’ education in Turkana District. The reported my team and I prepared resulted to Kenya Equity Education Program, Windle Trust Kenya and WUSC sponsoring 1,400 girls, both local and refugees, to study at better Kenyan boarding schools. I am currently studying at the world class university, UBC, because of WUSC. I worked for WUSC for two years. So I felt the responsibility and duty to give back to WUSC by adding my contributions to making the WUSC program bigger and better at UBC. Therefore, I decided to run for Support Coordinator position after my first semester in 2014 in order to help WUSC scholars coming to UBC after me. I got elected. I was later again elected as WUSC-UBC Coordinator & Treasurer in 2015 and 2016. After, I coordinated successful referendum in 2016, I got elected as WUSC-UBC president in 2017 which is the position am currently serving and will continue to serve in until 2018. Successful referendum led to doubling the number of WUSC sponsor-students at UBC from 4 to 8, and better support in term of resources. My goal now is to continue to connect WUSC scholars with more resources and mentor-ship programs at UBC and in Vancouver as well as creating the opportunity for the UBC students to involve with WUSC, support the program and obtain valuable international experiences and global perspectives through interaction with diverse WUSC scholars. I am also focusing on creating more opportunities to UBC students to attend International Forum in Ottawa to learn more about WUSC as global organization and to network too. I have done this by identifying different funding sources where student could apply for transport and accommodation cost money to attend the forum. For the first time, UBC will be sending more than ten students and more than three staff an faculty members to International Forum in January 2018.


Description of the position:

The President is responsible for overseeing the WUSC-UBC Local Committee, ensuring that all goals are achieved by all executives and members. The President is involved in all aspects of the club, namely internal, external, SRP, and finances. Duties: Regularly checks-in with all executives, Conducts annual goal setting and ensures that each area of the club is working towards common goals, Represents the club both on and off campus, Holds and leads regular executive meetings, Actively engages with both executives and membership of the club, Organizes annual executive elections, Received bi-annual reports from executives, Answers emails and inquiries related to the club in a timely fashion; Approving WUSC-UBC related hired Personnel and Associates and Other duties as required.

Internal Vice President

Mai Mashfej


Internal Associate: Eve Dorin-Blanchard

External Vice President

Bahar Khazei


Global Lounge Representative: Sheker Mametkurbanova

Ambassador: Kuol Deng Biong

First Year External Coordinator: Efe


Finance Vice President

Ali Haddadmardani
I am a go-getter, a family man, and a puppy lover. I joined WUSC because I was intrigued by the club’s intentions and I wanted to be apart of something bigger than myself. My goals are to contribute as much quality work as I possibly can so that when I leave, whenever that may be, the club will be in better shape than when I first joined.
Description of the Position:
Manage the club’s finances. Book rooms for meetings. Book booths for sales. Cash/deposit checks.
Finance Associate:  Alakiir Akoi

Events Vice President

Rugwiro Clement


Hi, my name is Rugwiro Clement, I am in my third year doing Cognitive Systems. I joined WUSC as a WUSC-Scholar, and decided to be an executive to be able to make meaningful change through events. I am interested in forced immigration and refugee issues in general, and my main goal, as the slogan for WUSC goes, is to change the world through the education I have been fortunate to get, by finding a way to offer lasting solutions to these issues.


Description of the position:

The VP Events is responsible for supporting the planning of internal and external WUSC events, as well as event collaborations with other student groups. i. Acts as the booking representative for the club; ii. Works with the event coordinators to plan member events, as well as events for the campus community; iii. Supports the Symposium Coordinator to plan the bi-annual Symposium; iv. Coordinates with the VP External to promote events and add content to social media and the website; v. Works with the VP Internal on membership recruitment and orientation; vi. Other duties as required.


Associate Event Coordinators: Pacific Ineza and Serge Biriteye

Symposium Coordinator: Wahid Bitar

First Year Events Coordinator: Rishi Hari

Social Media and Website Vice President

Mohamud Olow
My name is Mohamud Olow. I am the VP Social Media & Website Coordinator at WUSC-UBC. I have also previously served as Student Support Coordinator. I am passionate about web development and I joined the club to contribute my digital skills to enhance the website and improve the social media engagement of the club.
It’s also a learning opportunity for me as every challenge often yields an opportunity to grow.
Description of the position:
My responsibility is mainly to coordinate WUSC-UBC activities through various social media platforms and maintaining the local committee website. I am tasked with increasing the visibility of the club around the campus through enhancing the digital experiance of members and followers on our social media pages.
Associate Social Media & Website Coordinators: Lua Presidio and Paolina Buck

Student Refugee Program Coordinator

Abdihakin Muse


Being a sponsored student through WUSC scholarship, I was motivated by the opportunity given and to pay back, I voluntarily joined Local Committee to offer Same services I was given.

Description of the position:

SRP Coordinator is one of the five main sponsors of the refugee program at UBC. The Coordinator makes sure the immigration processes are coordinated accurately with WUSC-OTTAWA,Canadian Immigration Commission (CIC) and International Organization of Immigration (IOM). The Coordinator prepares the SRP yearly budget and monthly allowances for Refugee Sponsored Students.


Associate Coordinators: Mohammed Bulle, Himidan Hassan, Alakiir Akoi and
Fatma Khudhur

Graduate Student Coordinator: Mannfred Boehm

First Support Coordinator:  Ibrahim Ahmed