Thrilled by the win: WUSC-UBC Referendum 2016

Thrilled by the win: WUSC-UBC Referendum 2016

By Rhoda Philip

UBC students must be very proud of themselves for successfully ratifying the WUSC-UBC referendum to increase support for the student refugees! You have demonstrated an extraordinary generosity and kindness to contribute to addressing the overwhelming global refugee crises. You are amazing young philanthropists working really hard to make UBC a desirable destination for all.

Thank you so much for trusting WUSC-UBC and the entire World University Services of Canada through Student Refugee Program (SRP) as an agent to make world a better place through education. By voting to increase your AMS fee, you are directly contributing to making a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate.

With this increase, 4 exceptionally bright refugee students will be joining UBC from Syria next year. This is no small feat. It is a big deal and we say thank you so much! Appreciation also goes to our AMS student council for endorsing our referendum question. Your unprecedented support has been heartwarming and we couldn’t wish for a better student government.

Moreover, thank you so much Jenna Omassi for selflessly spearheading this referendum, you are a selfless leader. And to all UBC student societies who invited us to do presentations in your meetings, faculty members who allowed us to announce our referendum in your classes, and all the staff members who supported us in one way or another, we are thankful and we will continue to work together to enhance this great cause!

Last but not least, a lot of appreciation goes to the WUSC-UBC local committee under the leadership of Kuol Biong, Halane Mohammad, Akuechbeny Kuol, and Manfred Boehm, and our wonderful partner club; Inter-fellowship Group led by Mike Bennett and Rebecca, for tirelessly committing all their efforts to bringing awareness to UBC students about WUSC-UBC. Through your efforts, a noble cause is reaching more people.

Thank you!

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