World University Service of Canada (WUSC) is a non-governmental organization that aims to foster human development and global understanding through education and training. WUSC UBC stands for changing lives and we constantly strive to provide access to education.
Our long term ambition is to is to develop sustainable support, livelihoods, and work to provide the disadvantaged youth and women living in war-torn areas around the globe an opportunity to succeed in their dreams. With the current crisis in Syria and other parts of the world, WUSC-UBC is geared to provide full undergraduate scholarship to those students. We look forward to assisting these students in all possible ways to ensure they have a bright future ahead of themselves.
To reach this goal, UBC’s WUSC local committee started a campaign to collect 1000 signatures from UBC students to pass this referendum to the AMS. Once it passes, AMS will decide and vote whether our proposal is plausible or not. The success of this campaign depends on your support.
The current referendum question is: Do you support an increase in your AMS fee from $2.61 to $5.22 a year to allow the UBC branch of the World University Services Canada (WUSC) to enhance supports for refugee students at UBC?

We currently have a team of dedicated members of both sponsored students and other UBC students who work to help new students settle and study at UBC. They are also the ones who are tirelessly working to pass the current referendum.

With the price of a coffee cup or a slice of pizza, you can help change someone’s life for the better.

Should you need to know more about WUSC or to volunteer and get involved with WUSC-UBC, please don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an email to or by simply filling the form below.

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